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Gita: Bhakti Yoga - Verses 16

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru and Prostrations to all

Word meaning:
Anapekshaha: (who is) free from wants
Shuchihi: pure
Dakshaha: expert
Udaaseenaha: impartial
Gatha-vyathaha: free from fear
Sarva-aaramBha-parithyogee: renouncing all undertakings or commencements
Yaha: who
Madh-Bhaktaha: My devotee
Saha: he
Me: to Me
Priyaha: dear

He who is free from wants, pure, expert, impartial, free from fear, renouncing all undertakings or commencements – he who is devoted to Me, is dear to Me.

Krishna continues his description about a real devotee.

Free from wants:
The mind, by nature, is extroverted. The extroverted mind sees the objects of the world through their likes and dislikes. When an object is liked in the world then there will be a want of that object. But for a man of realization, the mind is completely under control which always contemplates on the Self. Such people see the world as ones own Self. To such a person there will be no desires or no wants.

Generally the mind perceives the world through the influence of likes and dislikes. Such extroverted minds cannot meditate on the Self. Only pure minds which doesn’t have the dualities of like and dislike will be able to meditate on the Self. The man of realization will not have any taint of impurity in the mind as the mind is completely controlled.

The man of realization knows very clearly the illusory nature of the world as well as the real nature of the Self. Therefore such a person revels always in the Self and is able to do actions in the world without getting affected.

The man of realization always be impartial to everyone, be it a person who does good to him or a person who does harm to him.

Free from fear:
The real devotee has nothing to fear about because to him there is nothing other than god. For a man the greatest fear is the fear of death and such a real devotee always revels in the Self knowing that the death is only for the body and not for the Self.

Renouncing every undertaking:
The actions done in the world are cause by the desire to do the action. The man of realization who always meditates on the Self will not have any desire to enjoy the results of action. Whatever action that is done will be offered to the lord.

Krishna says “such a devotee is dear to Me”

Hari Aum



Blogger vedanta said...


Prostrations to all.

FREE FROM FEAR -- the ultimate truth about fear is explained in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad where it says that "dviteeyaad vai bhayam bhavathi" or "fear arises out of dual notion". For a real devotee, there is only the non-dual reality of Brahman - thus how can he have fear????

Undertakings are there only for Ego or jeeva -- for the kutastha sakshi, there is nothing but Brahman alone & other things are illusions like water in desert --- thus how can there be undertakings????? (when doer is absent and duality is absent)

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God

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