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Gita: Bhakti Yoga - Verse 8

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru and Prostrations to all

Word Meaning:
Mayi: on Me
Eva: only
Manaha: the mind
Aadhatsva: fix
Mayi: in Me
BuDhim: thy intellect
Niveshaya: place
Nivasishyasi: thou shall live
Mayi: in Me
Eva: alone
Atha urDhvam: hereafter
Na samshayaha: no doubt

“Fix your mind on Me only, place your intellect in Me; then, (thereafter) you shall, no doubt, live in Me alone”

In the last sloka Krishna told about the conditions for the bhakta who meditate on the form god. In this sloka he declares so clearly about the result of having such devotion.
The important characteristics of bhakti as told by Krishna are

Complete surrender to the lord
Constant thought of the lord
Knowing lord as the Ultimate goal

The complete surrender to lord is supported by the constant thought of the lord all the time. So here Krishna says the way of having the constant thought of lord

Fix your mind in me: the mind is always wandering and always has the doubting nature. So by fixing the mind on the lord, the senses get controlled. When there is no thought of the lord, the mind wanders around. But when the mind is made to concentrate on the Lord, the mind is controlled and slowly the doubts vanishes

Place the intellect in me: The intellect has the power determining things. When the mind is concentrated on the lord, slowly all the doubts vanishes, when the doubts one gets the conviction in the intellect that everything is god alone and nothing other than the god.

When the mind and intellect are in god alone then everything that is seen or experienced, will also be lord only. Whatever that is experienced is only the reflection of the mind and hence when the mind and the intellect is placed in the lord, then whatever is experienced will also be lord only.

You shall live in Me: This is the result of having the continuous thought of the lord. When one gets the firm conviction in the intellect everything lord alone then the everything even the world itself will be experienced as lord only and lives in the Lord only.

No doubt: This is the assurance given by Krishna to Arjuna and to other seekers. When one has constant thought of god at all periods of time he will definitely live in the Lord and there is no doubt in that.

Hari Aum



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