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Gita: Bhakti Yoga - Verses 6 and 7

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru and Prostrations to all

Word Meaning:
Ye: who
Tu: but
Sarvaani: all
Karmaani: actions
Mayi: in Me
Samnyasya: renouncing
Matparaaha: regarding Me as the Supreme Goal
Ananyaena: single minded
Evea: even
Yogena: with yoga
Maam: Me
Dhyaayanthaha: meditating
Upaasatae: worship

But those who worship Me, renouncing all actions in Me, regarding Me as the Supreme Goal, meditating on Me with single-minded devotion

Theshaam: for them
Aham: I
samuDhaartha: the savior
mrtyu saagaraath: out of the ocean of the mortal samsaara
Bhavaami: become
Na chiraath: ere long
paarTha: O Partha
mayi: in Me
aaveshitha chethasaam: of those whose minds are set

For them, whose minds are set on Me, verily I become, ere-long, O Paartha, the savior, (to save them) out of the ocean of finite experiences; the samsaara

In this sloka Krishna gives the definite conditions for the meditators on Form-god and declares very clearly that those devotees who satisfy those conditions will be saved from the samsaara.

Renouncing all actions in Me: Renouncing all actions means renouncing the identification with the action. Any action requires a doer, and this doer only enjoys the results of the action. But by surrendering all the actions to the lord, the doer vanishes and it is only Lord that exist. Renouncing all actions here mean renouncing the identification with the action.

Regarding Me as the Supreme Goal: It is important that one has to know that the Lord as the Ultimate Goal. Therefore complete surrender can really happen only when there is God as the Ultimate goal.

Constant thought of God: Complete Surrender can be supported by the constant thought of the Lord. Whether the situation is good or bad there should be constant remembrance of the Lord. this is what Krishna says as “Ananya Yoga”, one should always have single pointed devotion to the lord all the time.

Thus those who have renounced all the actions to the Lord, those who have the lord as the Ultimate goal and those who have constant thought of lord, Krishna tells in the sloka, will be saved from the samsaara.

Saved from Samsaara: As long as there is doer, there will be actions and the results will be enjoyed by the doer. Because this the doer gets bonded on to the action he does and thus goes from birth to birth enjoying the results of those actions. Therefore when there is complete surrender to the lord, offering all the actions unto the lord, having constant thought of lord and knowing Lord as the Ultimate goal, everything becomes the lord, when everything becomes lord, the doer vanishes. When the doer vanishes then there is none to experience the results of the action and thus one overcomes the birth-death cycle.

To those whose mind is set on Me: whatever we concentrate on, the mind takes the form of that object. When the form god is concentrated hard then the mind takes the form of the object and thus whatever is seen or experienced in the world will only be the lord. when everything becomes lord, there will be no differentiation and thus there will no likes or dislikes. Both bondage and the liberation are for the mind and hence by practicing the mind concentrating on the Lord takes the form of the lord. On constant practice of such concentration the differentiation between the Lord that is worshiped and the devotee vanishes and hence all the limitations vanishes and thus realizes the Self is ever free never was bound.

Hari Aum



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