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Gita: Bhakti Yoga - Verse 2

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru and Prostrations to all

Verse 2:

“Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:
Mayyaaveshya mano ye maam nityayuktaa upaasate
Shraddhayaa parayopetaaste me yuktatamaa mataah”

Word Meaning:
Mayi: on me
Aaveshya: fixing
Manaha: mind
Ye: who
Maam: me
Nitya yukthaaha: ever steadfast
Upasatae: worships
shraDhayaa: with faith
parayaa: with supreme
upetaaha: endowed
te: they
me: of me
yuktha thamaaha: the best versed in yoga
mathaha: in my opinion

“Those who, fixing their mind on Me, worship Me, ever steadfast and endowed with supreme faith, these, in my opinion, are the best in yoga”

Arjuna posted the doubt to Krishna on which type of devotion is correct in the previous verse. Krishna starts answering his question. Those who has the constant thought of the Lord, who is ever steadfast, who has supreme faith knowing Lord as the Ultimate goal, Krishna says that to his opinion, are best versed in yoga. It will be difficult for a seeker who is attached to his body to meditate on the unmanifest form of god because it will be a mere intellectual thought that the world is just the manifestation of the unmanifested. Therefore initially it would be very useful for the seeker to concentrate on the form god as form of god also looks as real as the world. So here Krishna talks from the level of Arjuna saying that according to Krishna’s opinion those who meditate on the form god is best versed in yoga. Also here he tells three important characteristics of bhakta who meditates on form god

ever steadfast and worshipping
constant thought of god
supreme faith

Ever worshipping:
Worshipping here means the complete surrender to the lord knowing that he is the all-knowing and all-pervading. The seeker should surrender completely to the Lord. There is only one that protects and controls the entire world which is none other than the Lord and hence one has to surrender completely to that lord. Surrendering is not only during the tough times but surrendering at all the situations. Many mahatmas life can be taken as an example for the complete surrender to the Lord. Any action that is done should be offered to the lord as it is only the Lord that works and this body is only the mere instrument to do the action. Therefore we have to surrender this sense of doership also to the lord. Any action that is done will have result associated with that and the results whether it is good or bad should be taken as the Prasad of the lord. When this kind of complete surrender is there, then ego of the devotee vanishes as to him it is only the Lord that works through him

Constant thought of god:
The complete surrender is supported by the constant thought of the Lord. One should have the thought of the Lord at all times without forgetting even for a moment. When the devotee has the constant thought of the Lord, his mind is complete soaked in the thought of Lord and hence completely merges into the Lord. When there is such constant remembrance of Lord, everything will be lord. Since everything that is sees is only Lord there will be nothing in the world that would give him sorrow and such devotee will always rejoice in Bliss in the thought of Lord.

Supreme Faith:
The supreme faith here means knowing that God alone as the Ultimate goal. Complete surrender to the Lord and constant remembrance of the lord is possible only when we realize that god alone exist and everything is god alone and knowing that as the Ultimate goal. God as the Ultimate goal here means realizing our nature of God which is Bliss Absolute.

Hari Aum



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