Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gita: Bhakti Yoga - Verse 20

Hari Aum

Prostrations to my Guru and Prostrations to all

Word meaning:
Ye: who
Thu: indeed
Dharmyamrutham: immortal
Idam: this
Yathaa uktam: as declared (above)
Paryupaasatae: follow
shradDhaanaa: endued with faith
math paramaaha: regarding Me as their Supreme
Bhakthaaha: devotees
Thae: they
Ateeva: exceedingly
Mae: to Me
Priayaha: dear

They indeed, who follow this “Immortal Dharma” (Law of Life) as described above, endowed with faith, regarding Me as their Supreme Goal – such devotees are exceedingly dear to Me

Immortal Dharma Prescribed above:
Till the previous sloka Krishna gave the way of how one has to live their life as the characteristics of the Real devotee. Mere scriptural learning alone will help one to realize ones own Self, one has to live on whatever one has learnt from the Scriptures. Thus it is necessary to follow whatever is learned through the scriptures with faith. One should have the faith on the Reality which the scriptures expel, because unless the Reality is known very clearly without any doubts one can apprehend the direct experience of the Self.

Regarding Me as their Supreme Goal:
Whether one meditates on the form or formless god, the important thing to be kept in mind is the Reality. This can be reached by constant thought of the Reality and offering all that is done to the Reality.

Krishna says such a Real devotee is exceedingly dear to Me.

Om Tat Sat iti Srimad Bhagavad-Gitasu Upanishatsu
Bhrama-vidyaayaam yoga Shaastrae Sri Krishnaarjuna Samvaadae
Bhakti-yogo naama dvaadashodhyaayaha

Hari Aum



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